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A New Book From Dr. Matthew Ramage

February 6, AD 2017

Dr. Matthew Ramage, Adjunct Professor of Theology at Holy Apostles, has authored a new book, Jesus, Interpreted: Benedict XVI, Bart Ehrman, and the Historical Truth of the Gospels (Catholic University of America Press).

In this sequel to Dark Passages of the Bible, Dr. Ramage addresses foundational questions of faith arising from the New Testament, through a fascinating exchange of the ideas of agnostic Biblical scholar Bart Ehrman and emeritus Pope Benedict XVI.  In the words of reviewer Issac Morales, OP, Dominican House of Studies, “Catholics very much need an approach to Scripture that is both faithful to the magisterium of the Church and at the same time honest about the difficulties found in the Bible. Ramage’s work does a great service.”

Dr. Ramage is also Associate Professor of Theology at Benedictine College, Kansas. The Holy Apostles community congratulates him on the publication of this important work, which can be ordered at his site,, and at Amazon.

Jesus Interpreted

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