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Congratulations Fr. Eduard V. Tomić

August 18, AD 2017

We are very pleased to share news from alumnus Eduard V. Tomić, OFM who last month successfully defended his doctoral thesis, titled “Postconciliar Ecclesiology of the Franciscans in Bosnia”, at the Theological Faculty in Zagreb, Croatia.

As Fr. Tomić expresses below, in a message to Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, Holy Apostles faculty and staff played a significant role in his spiritual journey and academic success. Congratulations Fr. Tomić, and thank you for making the entire HACS community proud!

August 18, 2017

Dear Dr. Mahfood,

In 2011. at HACS you mentored me with  my MA thesis “The Conception of the Church as expressed in the postconciliar journal Jukic.”

 I pursued my doctoral studies at the Zagreb University (Croatia) in 2011/12  and  in 2012. began work on my doctoral thesis titled “Postconciliar Ecclesiology of the Franciscans in Bosnia” (in croatian: “Pokoncilska ekleziologija franjevaca Bosne Srebrene”) 

 After five years of study and research,  under the guidance of my thesis directors: Dr. Nikola Vukoja and Dr.  Ante Mateljan,  last month at the Theological Faculty in Zagreb, at The Department of Dogmatic Theology, I successfully defended my doctoral thesis.

I wish to express a sincere gratitude to all those who helped me in this journey of faith and learning.

 Among those a very particular place belongs to the members of  HACS family, it’s staff, lecturers, and particularly to  two of my MA thesis directors: Dr. Jeffrey Finch and yourself.

 Due to the competencies obtained at HACS, I got qualified to successfully conduct my research and to complete my studies with a new degree in theology.

 Grateful to God and to all of you, I remain

 Sincerely yours

 Eduard V. Tomić, OFM 


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