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Doctoral Opportunity – University of South Africa

January 23, AD 2018

Please see this important message from Dr. Mahfood regarding a doctoral opportunity with the University of South Africa:

A new doctoral opportunity has presented itself thanks to the research of one of our students, Jonathan Stute with the collaboration of one of our faculty, Dr. Peter Redpath. As you know, Dr. Redpath’s concentration in Christian Wisdom is the doorway through which the online Thomistic studies research doctorates are made possible at the Catholic University of Lublin and Abat Oliba University in Barcelona. While students have to apply to those institutions separately from their work at Holy Apostles, the Christian Wisdom concentration helps make possible the kind of work that will be required of them.

The new opportunity is with the University of South Africa and the lone Thomist on the philosophy faculty there – Dr. Callum Scott. The short advertisement we put together reads as follows:

The University of South Africa in Pretoria has a research doctoral program (PhD) in Philosophy, under the coordination of Prof. Callum David Scott, D.Phil, (email: that may accept graduates of Holy Apostles College & Seminary for doctoral studies with a focus in Thomistic philosophy. The costs of the program include 7,840 South African Rand for the research proposal, which equals $643 US Dollars, then, 15,400 South African Rand per year, which equals $1,263 US Dollars per year. For more information on tuition, see the UNISA – tuition page. So, for about $2,000 USD, students can get started on a doctorate in philosophy, working from the comfort of their homes in the United States. Please note that the academic year runs from January-December, applications can only be made from around September of the preceding year. For information on admissions, see the UNISA-admissions page. The time limit for completion of the program is 6 years.

The University of South Africa also has a doctoral program in theology, but note there’s nothing Catholic about the program except what students themselves carry into it. As a research doctoral program, students are basically just writing and defending a dissertation At the end of the process, students will be awarded the Ph.D.

For more information, please contact Dr. Scott at the address in the paragraph above or check out the website. This provides us with just one more opportunity to assist our students in the pursuit of a degree beyond what Holy Apostles is currently able to offer. 

 Many continued blessings!

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