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A Press Release In Memory of Norma McCorvey by Dr. Elizabeth Rex

February 21, AD 2017

We are happy to share the following from our Holy Apostles College and Seminary Communications Department, with thanks to Webmaster Jennie Murphy.

Please find a press release written by Dr. Elizabeth Rex, Professor and Director of Graduation Admissions at Holy Apostles, at the Christian News Wire link below.

Dr. Rex writes regarding her meeting with Norma McCorvey (aka “Jane Roe” in the Roe v. Wade decision) and the Children First Foundation.

Please be sure to click on the link to Dr. Betsy McCaughey’s article titled: “The DMV’s Lunatic Speech Dictatorship.” Dr. McCaughey is a constitutional scholar, a former Lt. Governor of New York State, and is currently a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research. It was an unsolicited article. Unfortunately, the US Supreme Court ruled against Freedom of Speech and the New York “Choose Life” License Plate in a 5-4 split decision. Justice Clarence Thomas and the four pro-abortion Supreme Court Justices ruled against Freedom of Speech and in favor of state censorship at the DMV. Thomas ruled against the Sons of the Confederate Veterans tag.

Please pray for Norma McCorvey (aka “Jane Roe” in the infamous Roe v. Wade decision). She started an organization and wrote her own heartfelt autobiography called “Roe No More.”


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