Introducing HACS Tutoring Program

It is a privilege for me to assist Holy Apostles College & Seminary with the launch of its tutoring program. We are in the process of compiling a list of alumni who are willing to serve as tutors to current students, and I invite you to consider sharing the wealth of your knowledge with our future fellow-alumni.

Since I have served as a tutor myself in a variety of disciplines, I can speak from personal experience that tutoring is far more rewarding than any bullet list can convey. Nevertheless, here’s a bullet list:

Why Tutor?
• To solidify your own command of the subject matter
• To extend your network of personal and professional connections
• To build or diversify your professional or pastoral experience
• To earn a little extra money
• To perform a spiritual work of mercy (instead of earning a little extra money)

(A spiritual work of mercy? Why not? Remember, the first is to “instruct the ignorant.” And the sixth, to “comfort the afflicted,” might apply on occasion, too.)

How it works:
To be added to the list of available tutors, simply complete the Tutor Application form linked under the Student Services tab. As student requests come in, I will notify you of any prospective match(es) so that you and the student can work out a mutually acceptable private arrangement.

Thanks so much for your consideration! I look forward to working together with you to share the blessing of our own HACS education with current students.


Laura Brown (MA, ’14)
Director of Student Service Center
Alumni Association Member
Mobile: (331) 431-3930