Job Opening: Admissions Director at The Monfort Academy

Montfort Academy

The Montfort Academy

125 E. Birch Street
Mt. Vernon, NY 10552
(914) 699­7090

Admissions Director

The Admissions Director will demonstrate a joy in becoming part of a classical school that exhibits an authentically Catholic identity. The director will also demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of the Great Books curriculum, the Socratic Method and how these things compliment the Catholic intellectual life. The person will be of high moral character, exhibiting a maturity in actions and demeanor. The candidate will be able to articulate the school’s mission and philosophy to adults and at the same time connect with potential students. The Admissions Director will work under the direction of the Headmaster of the school and will aid in marketing and branding the school. Additionally, the candidate will possess the administrative and computer skills both to work independently and in conjunction with the clerical staff, directing them as necessary.

The position calls for the recruitment of prospective students who will appreciate the school’s  character and succeed within its defined academic framework. Among the specific tasks of the  position are:

  • organizing school open houses and other admissions events throughout the year;
  • representing the school at regional high school fairs;
  • visiting area schools to address prospective students and building a strong relationship with  middle school principals and teachers;
  • being the leader and driving force behind the entire admissions team and it’s activities,  including the interview process with parents and students;
  • scheduling and coordinating school visits for prospective students as well as helping them to  navigate the admissions process and financial aid process when necessary;
  • fostering relationships with prospective students and their families through constant contact  via voice, electronic, and print mailings.

The position will entail occasional availability during evenings and weekends. There is also the  possibility of teaching 1­2 classes.

Interested individuals should familiarize themselves with the character of our school via our  website:,  and then submit a cover letter and resume to the  Headmaster, Lt. Col David Petrillo at