Question From a Student: Finding Teaching Positions and Writing CV’s

Ruthmarie SHea Atallah3

Dear HACS Alums,

We have a request from a student who soon hopes to join us as an alumna.* Her name is Ruthmarie Shea Atallah, and she would like to apply for a teaching position at a college or university after she graduates with her M.A. in Theology with a concentration in Bioethics.

Like many of us, she is unsure how to find institutions to apply to or what to do once she finds one. There are only two Catholic colleges near her and she cannot relocate.

Any ideas out there in HACS alum cyberspace?

Also, she could use some advice compiling her Curriculum Vitae.

She writes:

Being an online student means you are cut off from many of the advantages of an on-campus experience. I for one would be very grateful if the Alumni Association could come up with an advisory panel on how to find positions (e.g. on ethics committees, faculties, etc.) volunteer or paid.

So folks, that’s what we’re here for. Any ideas?

Personally, my network is almost 100% online. I got my degree online and I want to work online from home since I am a mother with young children. However, we all have different goals and needs. That’s the purpose of an association of graduates like ourselves. We need to communicate and figure out how to help each other because in doing so we help the institution we call an academic home, and ultimately we help cultivate more Catholic leaders in the future.

The goal!

Comments are open so you can leave any tips you have.

Please keep sending in questions and advice.

In Christ,
Stacy Trasancos


*P.S. “Alumna” is the¬†classical Latin feminine of alumnus, according to Oxford. Did not know that.

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