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Dear HACS Alumni,

We recently had a question from a student about writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV).

When I wrote mine, I consulted different websites to figure out how to structure the information, and from that I typed up the basic form. However, it was not visually appealing and lacked professional polish. A friend, who is a professional editor, helped me with the design of it—a huge improvement.

You can see my CV here. I keep a version of it updated online here.

Professional resume writing services typically charge $250 for a resume up to 4-pages in length and the cover letter is an additional $50. (I Googled it, but didn’t want to list or link to the companies.)

My friend, P. D. Yoko, agreed to offer her services at a reduced cost to Holy Apostles College and Seminary faculty, staff, alumni, and students.

P | D | Yoko Technical & Creative Writing Services offers Holy Apostles members the following special service: 

  • $75.00 to write and produce a resume
  • A cover letter for an additional $25.00
  • Matching cover letterhead CV header
  • One (1) revision
  • A Word document and PDF file of the CV for your use

Everything is accomplished by email, or instant messenger.

Mrs. Yoko requires payment in full before beginning work. She has a PayPal link in the footer of her website. If you would like her help, contact her through this form.

A note from my personal experience: Editing is more expensive than I originally thought. Just last week I had a minimal editing sweep (grammar, spelling, typos) done of a ~100-page work, and the cost was over $300. I have served as a free-lance editor for web publications, and I can attest, the attention to detail required to produce a polished work is tedious. Still, not everyone wants to spend $100 on a resume or CV, so even if you are not interested in this offer from Mrs. Yoko, please feel free to refer to my CV linked above as a guide for formatting yours.

You might even consider designing your own website so you can send a link of your work and your CV to potential employers. If anyone is interested in learning more about web design and maintenance, let me know in the comment boxes. I can do some posts on that.

God Bless,

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